Physician Testimonials

Obtaining a genetic diagnosis for mitochondrial disease is necessary for optimal patient care. I decided to join the Courtagen team because of their vision of developing an efficient, streamlined process that would make genetic test results available to more doctors and their patients. From the beginning, the team set out to develop and deliver genetic tests that would provide quality results in a clear concise format, providing actionable information to their customers. These test results provide the physician the ability to make a diagnosis that leads to better treatment strategies and improved quality of life.

Waiting for a diagnosis puts considerable stress on patients and their families. Courtagen offers tests that deliver results in 3-6 weeks, compared to 9-11 months from other companies I have worked with. Getting their diagnosis quickly enables doctors and their patients to implement treatment plans quickly, providing the maximum benefit to patient health.
- Dr. Richard Boles, M.D.

As a patient advocate, I have found that a primary concern for our community of mitochondrial disease patients and families is finding companies that are reliable, knowledgable and committed to the complex diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. demonstrates a personalized level of commitment to the patients whom they serve, from the first inquiry from the patient's physician to delivering the results in a timely, thorough and clear manner. Their understanding of and dedicated interest in mitochondrial disorders will prove to be beneficial to the patient community in multiple ways over time, not only in the area of diagnosis, but by paving the way for better interpretation and treatment of these disorders.
-Cristy Balcells RN MSN, Executive Director

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