Physician's FAQs

Physician FAQ’S

Ordering a Genetic Test

What is the process for submitting a DNA sample for genetic testing?

The process begins with an ordering physician placing a request via our Test Requisition Form .  Courtagen will not accept a sample without a requisition from a licensed physician. Once a test requisition is received, a sample collection kit will be mailed to the patient. For instructions for using our collection kit click here: Collection Kit Instructions .  These instructions are also included in every kit. The patient will return the sample to Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory using the prepaid mailer. Once testing is complete, Courtagen will provide a report to the ordering physician.

What type of collection kit should I order?

Courtagen is able to extract DNA from saliva, blood, or tissue samples. Any of these sample types will yield enough DNA for genetic testing. Courtagen can send saliva sample collection kits to you or directly to the patient, set up a mobile or location blood draw, send blood collection kits to you, or receive blood or tissue samples directly from the physician. There are two types of saliva sample kits: one is used to collect saliva directly and the other utilizes sponge-like swabs for assisted collection for children or patients with a disability. The blood kits we send come with FedEx mailing supplies and shipping is paid by Courtagen.

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What is the difference between Assisted and Non-Assisted saliva kits?

The non-assisted saliva kit contains a tube for saliva collection from the patient’s mouth and a stabilizing buffer. The buffer is stored in the attached cap of the tube and is automatically mixed with the sample when the patient closes the tube. The assisted saliva kit includes a collection sponge that is held in the patient’s mouth to collect saliva. The sponge is pressed against the collection tube to release the saliva. This procedure may need to be repeated several times to collect the required amount of saliva. Similar to the non-assisted kit, the tube contains a stabilizing buffer stored in the attached cap. 

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Can I order Courtagen Saliva kits to stock in my office?

Yes. If you would like to stock our saliva kits in your office please contact our customer orders department by email or call 877-395-7608 within the USA and Canada (617-714-0315 for international customers).

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Does Courtagen accept research-only specimens as well? Can I set up an institutional billing account?

Yes. Contact us to determine the specifics surrounding your project and to set up a direct pay relationship. 

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Adding Tests & Test Results

If I order more than one test for a single patient, does that patient have to provide a tube of saliva for each test?

No. A single saliva collection tube will normally provide enough DNA to complete multiple tests. If we determine that we do not have enough DNA to perform all the tests requested, we will mail another sample collection kit to the patient.

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What is the procedure for adding on further testing to a sample already at Courtagen?

An additional test for a sample already received by Courtagen can be added by submitting a second Test Requisition Form requesting the new test. The best way to do so is through the Physician Portal. If you fax the Test Requisition form please be sure to reference the Courtagen GPP # from the original test, patient’s name and date of birth. You can find the GPP # in your Physician Portal. Please note any changes in insurance or patient information since the original submission.

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Who will receive the test results?

The patient report will only be made available to the physician or healthcare professional ordering the test. You or your patient can also designate another physician to receive test results.

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Why are the results of testing sent directly to the ordering physician rather than the patient or parent of a patient?

Results are sent to the physician or healthcare professional to provide the physician with the opportunity to educate the patient regarding result interpretation and any follow-up testing.

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Is my test finished yet?

The amount of time required from sample submission to test completion is test specific. mtSEEK® is complete in approximately three weeks.  nucSEEK®, epiSEEK®, devSEEK™ and devACT™ are complete in approximately four - six weeks. Courtagen does not initiate a test until all required information has been received by the Physician and/or Patient. Once a sample has been submitted you can obtain status information through the Physician Portal.

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Physician Portal

Is it possible to receive reports electronically?

To protect patient privacy, reports will only be delivered electronically through our physician portal. Our physician portal is SAS-70 and HIPAA compliant and is only available to ordering physicians. Patients who wish to receive a copy of their report must request a copy from their physician.

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Can I track a sample’s progress?

Yes, you track all of your patient samples through the Physician Portal.

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How do I get my Physician Portal credentials?

Complete a Test Requisition Form for the first patient to be submitted to Courtagen and fax to our secure line at 617-892-7192. A Courtagen representative will contact you to complete the Physician Portal set up for you and/or your practice. You can also contact us by email.

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Courtagen Credentials

Are you CLIA certified?

Yes.  We  received our CLIA certification in March 2012. Please Click Here   to see our CLIA Certification number.

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Are you CAP accredited?

Yes. We received our CAP accreditation in March 2013. Please  Click Here to see our CAP certificate. 

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Are your tests FDA-approved?

No. The FDA has determined that clearance or approval is not necessary for tests developed and validated in-house, like the ones offered by Courtagen.

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