Fueling Clinical Trials with Precision Medicine

Advances in genetics are allowing pharmaceutical companies to use precision medicine for their clinical development and create more targeted therapies.

Insight Through Each Stage of Development

Courtagen can help pharmaceutical companies at all stages of the drug discovery and development process.

By accessing our rich genetic and clinical database of patient information in key disease areas, our pharmaceutical partners can develop and run more successful clinical trials by:

  • Improving the outcomes and success rates of costly clinical trials
  • Identifying and recruiting better patient candidates for clinical trials
  • Developing sharper clinical studies based on better diagnostic data
  • Improving the reimbursement profiles of their therapeutics

Services Offered

Courtagen partners with pharmaceutical companies to support the development of precision medicines in CNS disorders with a range of genomic and bioinformatics services.

Bio Intelligence

Genetic Variant Information
     - Identify genetic variations in a population/disease set
Clinical Symptom Data
     - Clinical information combined with genetic profiles can link phenotypes with genotypes

Clinical Sequencing

exoSEEK™ Whole Exome & Custom Gene Panels
     - Quickly design custom gene panels to meet specific trial or research needs
Clinical Sequencing Provider
     - Ensure consistency of sequence data and diagnostic results across the clinical trial
Patient Recruitment
     - Identify and recruit patients for clinical trials

Clinical Trial Support

Identify Investigator Sites
     - Use our network to find the right physicians for your trial
Stratify Responders/Non-Responders
     - Help correlate responders/non-responders with genotype

Our goal is to provide our partners with the right solutions tailored to the specifics of their therapeutic and its phase of development.
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