Sample Collection

All samples submitted to Courtagen must be accompanied by a Patient Informed Consent form and a Test Requisition Form signed by a physician. The form provides the necessary patient information and identifies which test(s) are to be performed. Courtagen accepts saliva, blood, and tissue samples. See below for specific guidelines for submission of each.

Shipping Address

Sample Receiving
Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory
8 Cabot Road, Suite 2000
Woburn, MA 01801

Saliva Sample Collection

  • Our saliva collection kit is a painless, non-invasive, and easy-to-use solution, yielding high-quality, high-quantity DNA.
  • When a physician submits a test requisition with Courtagen, we can immediately ship a self-collection kit directly to the patient.    
  • Please contact to stock our kit at your office or send-outs lab.
  • This kit is for any child or adult who is able to provide a 2ml saliva sample themselves. Kits are available with saliva swabs included for assisted collection.
  • Each kit will include instructions for providing a saliva sample, materials for packaging the sample, and a pre-paid return label. 
  • Saliva Sample kits do not require refrigeration.
  • For kit instructions click here: Instructions . Or for directions for the assisted kit click here: Instructions.
  • For our patient consent form click here: Consent Form in English or Consent Form in Spanish

Sample Collection Video

Blood Sample Collection

  • Use either the Courtagen supplied blood collection kit or a standard lavender top tube (potassium-EDTA) for blood collection. At this time Courtagen cannot accept other container types. A minimum of 1mL of blood is required. Blood should be shipped within 24 hours of collection or within five days if properly stored prior to shipping. Blood samples can be shipped overnight at ambient temperature.
  • Courtagen can coordinate a blood draw at one of several collection sites around the country or at the patient’s home upon request. Please indicate your preference on the test requisition form.
  • Blood sample collection kits are available and include all materials and shipping labels for a trained phlebotomist to collect blood.
  • Please contact to stock our kit at your office or send-out labs.

Tissue Sample Collection

  • Tissue samples must be stored frozen until shipping, and shipped priority overnight on dry ice. A minimum of 20 mg of tissue is required.

Purified DNA Sample Submission

  • For purified DNA sample submission, a minimum of 30uL at a concentration of 15 ng/uL is required.  Please seal packaging securely.
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