Submitting a DNA Sample

What is the process to submit a DNA sample for genetic testing?

The process begins with your physician placing a request via our Test Requisition Form . Courtagen will not accept a sample without a requisition from a licensed physician. Once a test requisition is received, a sample collection kit will be mailed to you. The instructions for using our collection kit are here and are also included in every kit. You return the sample to Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory using the prepaid mailer. Once testing is complete, Courtagen will provide a report to the ordering physician.

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Why did I receive this type of sample collection kit?

When your physician placed their request for Courtagen to perform genetic testing for you, they selected the sample collection type to be sent to your home. Courtagen uses saliva samples for analysis. We provide two types of saliva kits; one for collection of saliva directly in a tube, and a second that includes a sponge and should be used for children or adults requiring assistance for sample collection. If you feel that you received the wrong type of kit, please Contact Us to request a new one.

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Can I use a saliva kit that is not sent to me by Courtagen?

No! Our processes have been optimized and validated with the kits we provide. Please Contact Us to order a new kit.

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How do I ship a DNA sample?

There are simple instructions included in each collection kit for providing your sample and packaging it properly.  Click here for collection sample instructions. Be sure to cap your sample tube tightly and place it in the bag provided. A signed consent form must accompany each sample submitted to Courtagen. This form was provided to you in the sample collection kit.

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Can I ship samples by regular postal mail?

Yes. Our collection kits are pre-labeled with a return label from FedEx. There is no additional charge to the patient for shipping the Courtagen sample collection kit within the US.

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I lost the sample return box. Where do I send a sample?

Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory Attn: Accessioning
8 Cabot Road Suite 2000
Woburn, MA 01801

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If my physician ordered more than one test for me, do I have to provide a tube of saliva for each test?

No. A single saliva collection will normally provide enough DNA to complete multiple tests. If we determine that we do not have enough DNA to perform the tests requested by your ordering physician, we will mail you another sample collection kit.

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Can I order another sample collection kit?

Yes. If your saliva kit is damaged or mishandled in any way during transport or collection, please contact our customer support department by emailing or Contact Us to request a new kit.

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Which completed forms must accompany my sample?

The patient must submit a completely filled out and signed Informed Consent Form with their sample submission. The consent form will be used to match your sample to the ordering physician’s test requisition. Samples received without these forms cannot be processed.

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Personal Information and Test Results

How is my personal information protected?

Courtagen is HIPAA and GINA compliant. Please see our Privacy Policy .

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Who will receive the test results?

Courtagen will provide your test report to the physician or healthcare professional who ordered the test. You may also designate another physician to receive test results if you wish.

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Why are the results of testing sent directly to the ordering physician rather than the patient or parent of a patient?

Results are sent to the physician or healthcare professional to provide the physician with the opportunity to discuss the result interpretation and any follow-up testing with you.

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Billing & Insurance

Does Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory accept insurance?

Yes, Courtagen does accept all commercial insurance plans. However, not all insurance plans cover genetic testing.

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Does Courtagen accept my state’s Medicaid plan?

Courtagen does not currently participate in any state Medicaid plans.

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Does Courtagen accept Medicare?

Courtagen does not currently participate in Medicare.

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Is a pre-authorization required?

Not always,  it depends on your insurance plan. If your insurance plan (usually HMOs) does require a pre-authorization, we will request one on your behalf.

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How can I find out how much my insurance will cover?

If a pre-authorization is required by your insurance company, it will often tell you how much is covered, but not always.  It varies by insurance companies.  If you are eligible for the Courtagen Care Plan , your out of pocket costs will be limited.

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What documentation is necessary for Courtagen to bill my insurance?

The required information is contained on the test requisition form submitted by your doctor. If any of your insurance or personal information has recently changed, please contact us immediately or submit a change of information form by fax to 617-892-7192.

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I have no insurance (Self-Pay), so what are my payment options?

Courtagen has several payment options for Self-Pay patients.

CHECK, CREDIT CARD OR BANK DEBIT, WIRE: You can pay your entire balance via check, debit or credit card in a lump sum. You can also arrange to make a wire payment or ACH payment to our account. Contact Us to arrange a wire. If you pay the entire balance within 30 days of sample submittal, you will be eligible for a discount. Click Here for a lump sum payment authorization form.

PATIENT ASSISTANCE PLAN: Under certain circumstances, Courtagen will allow you to make payments over a period of time, not to exceed 12 months. You will need to submit a valid credit card or bank details and authorization for automatic monthly charges to your account. To apply complete this Application Form

EXTERNAL FINANCING: Courtagen has made arrangements with United Medical Credit, Inc. (UMC), a medical bill financing company, to provide a financing service for our patients. You will work with UMC directly to obtain a medical bill loan based on your personal credit history. UMC will pay Courtagen directly to settle your balance due and you will benefit from the flexibility of UMC’s menu of available financing options. Click Here for more information and required forms.

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My insurance company denied coverage during Pre-Authorization. Now what do I do?

Courtagen has several payment options for patients who have minimal or no insurance coverage, which leaves them with a significant balance to pay. Please see above options for Self-Pay patients or Contact Us for more information.

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What if I decide to cancel my testing? What is your cancellation policy?

Testing cancellations must come from the ordering physician in writing. You may cancel testing prior to initiation of the test at no charge. After the initiation of the test, cancellation is not possible and you will be responsible for all charges. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our cancellation policy.

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