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I am writing this email in appreciation of the services from Courtagen laboratories . My son has had a diagnosis of PDD-NOS, which is on the autistic spectrum. However, with a mother's instinct I never felt he fit into any one category for the "autistic spectrum". It was very difficult to find a lab that could do the important genetic testing that was affordable for families that are struggling to pay the extra medical expenses that come along with the diagnosis of autism in children. Courtagen was there for us!  In being able to perform these tests, it was discovered that my son has a rare genetic blood disorder that could be responsible for his condition. This was a finding that was "ground breaking" according to my neurologist. Furthermore, there may be some treatment for my son to help his overall condition and the quality of his life. Thank you for giving us the gift of hope!! -- M Courtagen Patient's Mom

Wow! Courtagen is a model of good business and exceptional medicine. From day one, the folks at Courtagen have worked hand-in-hand with us. I assumed that once the results were in, our relationship with Courtagen was over. Pleasantly surprised again!

Many thanks to JJ, Dan, Dr. Boles and everyone else who we don't know by name for making this a very smooth process and for providing our family with important information about our daughter's illness!

Warmly -- S Courtagen Patient's Mom

All of the employees at Courtagen exhibit an extremely high level of dedication and respect to the patients. They have each taken time to learn and understand, not only the science of the disease, but the emotional impact and struggles that make up the daily life of the mito patient.

Sincerely, thank you! -- O Friend of Courtagen Patient

Today, as things progress a little farther and are getting a little scarier, I'm beginning to wonder fortunately or unfortunately.


This past weekend I took a major downward turn, and each day a little more decline. Today is making me feel a little uneasy and the reason for the first statement. On Monday, it was fortunately. When the "unnamed" rare autoimmune disease per the November lab results began heightening after Thanksgiving, I called XYZ Hospital for an appointment with Dr. D. The first available was December 18th. Dr. D assured me that I could make it.

This disease is vicious but in the perfect state for diagnosis. I'm staying on bed rest so my lungs do not go into distress before next Tuesday, because being admitted into the local hospitals will not help me. Dr. D does know my current state and with the help of the genetic report he has a map . All the tools are there. Because I am going to have a major lung procedure, I do expect to still be in Hospital XYZ at Christmas. My last stay was so great, so I know that I am going to have a marvelous Christmas.

I'm praying for the miracle, but I know that I have to accept whatever the Lord decides. The Lord has arranged all the necessary pieces for a miracle, so everything resides in His hands.

B-- Courtagen Patient

I am so glad we did this testing because it proved our diagnosis and seems to have uncovered some mutations never seen before.

K --Patient & Mito Mom

As a psychologist, my patients expect that I will research the latest strategies, techniques and tools to help solve their problems.  As a mom of a son with a disability, my motivation to understand the cause and generate solutions knows no bounds.  My child’s neurologist recommended that my son have genetic testing through Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory.  I am not sure I have ever worked with a laboratory that provided such phenomenal customer service; from the first phone call, the representatives helped me understand the nature of the mtSEEK™ and nucSEEK™ tests for mitochondrial dysfunction.  The representatives called when they said they would, emailed me appropriate directions for testing, and answered all of my questions promptly and thoroughly.  Courtagen completed the testing in a timely fashion (as I had been assured) and I had the answers I was looking for.  My son does have mitochondrial dysfunction and this test allowed my son’s doctor to make important clinical decisions for treatment.  I am thoroughly impressed with Courtagen's outstanding customer service.

From our first contact with Courtagen via Twitter to our continued conversations through phone and Email, Courtagen has been there for our family every step of the way. From navigating insurance to actually meeting personally with our children's pediatrician to ensure every bit of information about their conditions and symptoms were included, we could not speak more highly of Courtagen. The testing process was by far the easiest testing our children have ever been put through, literally a few mouthfuls of saliva and they were done and we returned the saliva kits in the mail. They cared enough to let us know they'd received them and then the waiting began. Another amazing thing about Courtagen was the fact that our wait for both mtDNA and nDNA took approximately four weeks, no agonizing wait for months on end, worrying and wondering when we'd hear. The results arrived promptly, interpreted by Dr. Richard Boles for easier understanding. Dr. Boles even went so far as to contact the children's pediatrician to explain and confirm their diagnosis of mitochondrial disease and to then correspond with us directly so he could help us make contact with other providers that were researching the actual gene involved in our children's disease. Courtagen is an amazing company and the difference shows, we were not just another customer...Courtagen CARES!

-- The K Family
As a patient advocate, I have found that a primary concern for our community of mitochondrial disease patients and families is finding companies that are reliable, knowledgable and committed to the complex diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. demonstrates a personalized level of commitment to the patients whom they serve, from the first inquiry from the patient's physician to delivering the results in a timely, thorough and clear manner. Their understanding of and dedicated interest in mitochondrial disorders will prove to be beneficial to the patient community in multiple ways over time, not only in the area of diagnosis, but by paving the way for better interpretation and treatment of these disorders.

-- Cristy Balcells RN MSN, Executive Director
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