Next Generation Gene Sequencing & Gene Sequence Analysis

Through our past Life Science initiatives, we have sequenced millions of DNA samples. Our team, through one of our former companies, was the only commercial team to be included in the NHGRI's large-scale sequencing program between 2003-2006. This same team also developed the SOLiD™ sequencer and the SPRI based DNA purification tools used in most next generation pipelines.

We combine leading edge scientific principles with lean manufacturing discipline and strong organizational development to deliver highly responsive products and services to our customers. Our mission is to convert DNA and RNA sequence data into highly actionable data for researchers and clinicians. We pride ourselves on great customer service, fast turn-around times and data integrity.

We use a host of technologies; some of them are summarized below:

Platforms:  Illumina MiSeq and ABI 3730XL
Technologies: Combination of proprietary capture techniques which navigate pseudogenes and NUMTs
Applications: Whole Genome Sequencing, Exome Sequencing, Amplification Sequencing, as well as others

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