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William W. Li, M.D.

William W. Li is President, Medical Director, and Co-founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation. Will trained in the lab of Dr. Judah Folkman, pioneer of the angiogenesis field, and has been actively engaged in angiogenesis research and clinical development for 22 years. Under Will’s leadership, the Foundation has developed a unique social enterprise model based on international collaborations with leading medical academic centers, biopharmaceutical companies, and government agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, and the Food and Drug Administration. As President, Will has testified and presented before congressional and other government panels on the impact of angiogenesis in healthcare, and lectures widely on angiogenesis-related topics in front of clinical, government, and industry audiences.

He is involved in national and international efforts to advance the applications of angiogenesis-based therapeutics across diverse medical fields, including oncology/hematology, cardiology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, dermatology, and wound care. He has been published in Science, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, and other leading peer-reviewed medical journals. Will received his A.B. with honors from Harvard College, and his M.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pennsylvania. He completed his internship, residency, and fellowship training in General Internal Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Will has held appointments on the clinical faculties of Harvard Medical School, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School. He is an Honorary Fellow of the American College of Wound Care Specialists, and has served as advisor and consultant to leading global public and private companies.

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Helio Pedro, M.D.

Helio Pedro received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He then proceeded to obtain his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. He completed a joint residency program at UMDNJ in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, following which he worked in private practice for 2 years. Afterwards, he returned to UMDNJ to pursue a fellowship in both Clinical Genetics and Clinical Biochemical Genetics. Upon completing his fellowship, he remained at UMDNJ as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Department of Genetics and worked jointly with the Division of Genetics at Hackensack University Medical Center. He left UMDNJ in 2009 after being appointed Chief of the Division of Genetics at Hackensack University Medical Center where he is still practicing. Dr. Pedro is board certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics and by the American Board of Medical Genetics in both Clinical Genetics and Clinical Biochemical Genetics. His areas of interest include clinical genetics, adult genetics and biochemical genetics.

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Reymundo Lozano, M.D.

Dr. Lozano is a Pediatric Geneticist, who has dedicated his research to better understanding the molecular basis of genetic disorders associated with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

He is an International Medical Graduate from Mexico and completed his subspecialty studies at UCLA. He specializes in the treatment of neurodevelopmental genetic syndromes including fragile X syndrome (FXS), Angelman syndrome, 15q duplication syndrome, 22q11 microdeletion syndrome, and Noonan syndrome and other RASopathies.  His work focuses on different clinical trials for ASD and FXS. Dr. Lozano is dedicated to finding better treatments and eventually the cure for neurodevelopmental disorders.

He is also studying the phenotypic variability of fragile X premutation carries and the additive effects of other “genetic hits” and environmental exposures.  He pursues the genetic diagnosis of ASD, using cutting edge technology, including microarrays, mitochondrial function and whole exome sequencing.

Dr. Lozano is an advocate for minority participation in clinical trials and his goal is to provide the necessary information to enhance enrollment and retention of minority participants. He is involved in identifying the linguistic and systemic barriers to early diagnosis and intervention commonly found in Hispanic children with ID and ASD. He is also interested in increasing diversity among medical students and faculty members at UC Davis.

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Wolfgang Sadee, M.D.

Wolfgang Sadee is Felts Mercer Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at the Ohio State University, Columbus OH, and Director, Center for Pharmacogenomics, with appointments in Psychiatry, Pharmacy, and Public Health, the Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, and OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has a doctorate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the FU Berlin in 1968, and then served on the pharmacy faculties of USC and UCSF until 2002. Dr. Sadee’s research focuses on pharmacogenomics, employing genomics technologies to discover regulatory variants affecting disease risk and drug response and develop biomarker tests for optimizing individualized therapies. He is a member of the NIGMS Pharmacogenomics Research Network III, leading the project “Expression Genetics in Drug Therapy”. Dr. Sadee has published over 350 research papers, chapters, and monographs. He has served as founding editor of Pharmaceutical Research and The AAPS Journal. He has received several awards, including the Distinguished Scientist Award from the AAPS.

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Amanda Pullen, Ph.D.

Dr. Amanda Pullen, Senior Vice President of Strategy Implemented Inc., has extensive experience in designing and implementing innovative strategies for academic medical institutions, including medical education and research, international collaborations, marketing and public relations in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors of the healthcare industry. At Strategy Implemented, Amanda leads client engagements and provides strategic, operational and business planning consulting services to clients looking to develop new initiatives and programs.

Amanda’s recent engagements include providing strategic and operational direction in the design and implementation of international strategies for national agencies responsible for setting the assessment standards for physician education and training. Dr. Pullen also developed international strategies for a number of academic healthcare centers with ties to the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Prior to joining Strategy Implemented, Amanda worked as a Director at Huron Consulting Group and held several positions at Harvard Medical School including Executive Director of the Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Foundation and Vice President of Communications for Harvard Medical International. Amanda also served as the Executive Director of the European Advisory Board for Project HOPE, and had roles in research, marketing and communications with Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, where she was responsible for launching the first UK team in the pharmaceutical industry to be dedicated to building relationships with British National Health Service management teams.

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Robert K. Crone, M.D.

Dr Crone is the President and CEO of Strategy Implemented Inc., an internationally recognized senior healthcare physician executive with more than 25 years of experience leading profitable international ventures for U.S.-based hospitals, medical schools, and private industry and the non-profit health and education regulatory and accreditation community. Dr. Crone’s work at Strategy Implemented focuses on helping domestic academic health centers, medical schools and universities to develop and implement international strategies and programs, as well as assisting assessment and accreditation bodies interested in globalizing their missions and operations.

Prior to forming Strategy Implemented, Dr. Crone founded and built Huron Consulting Group’s Global Healthcare Practice and he served as Founding President, and Chief Executive Officer for Harvard Medical International, Inc., a not-for-profit subsidiary corporation of Harvard Medical School (HMS) focusing on international program development. He also served as Clinical Professor and Dean for International Programs for HMS. Dr. Crone also served as Senior Vice President for Operations at The People to People Health Foundation, Inc., (Project HOPE) and as a professor and administrative leader at both Children’s Hospital Boston (Harvard Medical School) and Seattle Children’s Hospital (University of Washington School of Medicine). Dr. Crone currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of numerous healthcare organizations nationally and internationally.

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Jocelyn Burke, Ph.D.

Jocelyn is Co-Founder of Courtagen Life Sciences and serves as a Scientific Advisor. She is former Vice President of Packard BioScience Company and Founder and General Manager of its BioChip Ventures Division. Dr. Burke’s achievements at Packard span the development and commercialization of more than 25 new products for life sciences research. They include instrumentation and software for detectors, imagers, liquid handlers, microarrayers, and robotic workstations, as well as reagent products including solid scintillator detector flow cells, high-throughput screening assay reagents, and biochip substrates. Dr. Burke leveraged Packard’s PiezoTipnology™ and HydroGel™ substrate to enable the protein microarray market and championed the development of novel protein chips resulting in the first proof of concept of a quantitative six-plex assay for cytokines. Her division collaborated to prove protein microarrays for cytokine profiling (43-plex) and biomarker discovery (186-plex). Dr. Burke introduced Homogenous Time-Resolved Flourescence (HTRF™) to high-throughput screening for drug discovery and pioneered the first successful commercialization of reagents for proximity assays not based on the use of radioisotopes. Dr. Burke’s many achievements while at Packard BioScience supported the company’s IPO and subsequent acquisition by PerkinElmer, Inc.

Jocelyn earned her Ph.D. degree in Natural Products Chemistry from the College of Pharmacy at Ohio State University. Jocelyn earned a B.S. degree in both Chemistry and Marine Science from the University of Tampa.

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