The Courtagen commitment


At Courtagen, we understand that finding answers about complicated neurological and metabolic diseases such as mitochondrial disorders , epilepsy and seizure disorders , and neurodevelopmental disorders can be a quest for many parents and a challenge for their doctors. Courtagen tests help to uncover your child’s unique genetic profile, which may make a real difference in the explanation of their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and day-to-day quality of life.


We’ve made testing easier for you and your child by using saliva samples to extract high quality DNA. Our saliva kit includes everything you need to collect, package, and return your child’s sample, postage paid. If you prefer, you can submit a blood or tissue sample instead. Our test results are processed and delivered in weeks, not months, helping you get closer to answers faster.


We’re leaders in Next Generation Sequencing . We have designed and validated groundbreaking tests using proprietary methods in our CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and CAP (College of American Pathologists) accredited laboratory to capture relevant genetic information for each patient we serve. Our bioinformatics team, using our custom analysis system, converts sequence information into meaningful test results. We provide custom reports, interpreted by industry-leading geneticists and clinical experts , to assist doctors in making the most informed treatment recommendations. That’s the Courtagen difference, and it could make a difference for your child.


At Courtagen, our passion and promise is to focus on innovation that leads to improving lives. We are proud to support and work with multiple organizations committed to helping families and increasing awareness of neurological disorders.

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